I'm fading now, I'm fading slowly into the dark
and I don't know how to stop it
but I'm craving for the light

I feel I'm trapped
in the space of ordinary life
You feel like me but there's no courage
there's no courage to admit
You feel the same, the end is near!

I still believe in
how love can overcome all fears,
good old dreams, they keep me going on
It's so deceiving, how friendship hides the real love
deep inside I know our faith

I'm drowning now
on the bottom of our grace
I want it back, but I can only
I can only see one face
The face of truth, the end is near...

I still believe in....

We both know the end is here
And we're longing to be free
but there's something still inside of you and me
and when the final moment comes
You should know it was the best
The best for us!